Project Manager

Power/Nuclear/Renewable Energy
£45,000 to £50,000 Per Annum
+ Benefits
Contract Type:

Project Manager – Permanent – Salary + Benefits – Engineering Services – North West 

Our client is an engineering service provider, they have many world leading clients in various industries and are seeking for a Project Manager on permanent staff basis. You will be in-house based with some site visits and will be overseeing a multidisciplinary team, working on various projects. 

Roles & Responsibilities:

Reporting to the director appointed to oversee the project, you will be directly responsible for: 

·       Managing Project team/s consisting of mechanical, Electrical, structural, planning, process, site management and estimating staff; these staff would report directly to you.

·       Management of all elements of the planning, estimating, control and reporting of both man hours and costs, including clear monthly summaries of performance against agreed budgets and targets.

·       To manage and control weekly and other co-ordination meetings and arrange for minutes to be distributed in good time (the directors essentially wish to give you the space to manage all elements of the project/s but in return require clear, concise and regular reporting). 

·       Your contribution to the monthly board report is seen as a key part of the reporting process and the quality and content as well as the way the document is put together is to be improved.

·       Going forward onto future projects, the role will require you and your suitably sized team to potentially manage a larger contract, a smaller contract and an estimate at the same time. 

·       Ensuring that at the outset of any contract that the necessary documents and plans are identified and in place and ensuring that staff complete and maintain these as required.

Person Specification:

Other Important objectives of this role are: 

·       Forming cohesive team/s whose core members will potentially stay together over successive contracts with you.

·       Helping to improve estimating by having an estimator attached to the team who can then draw on recent contract experience, sub-contractor selection, plant design, drafting resource and bid review from other members of the team.  This is particularly important as we have an ageing staff in the current estimating department and need to ensure we can service our estimating needs into the future.

·       Communicating regularly and effectively with all members of the team to ensure that all members are aware of targets, current performance, where we are working well and where we need to improve.

·       Looking after team members day to day welfare, appraisal contribution notes, holiday planning.

·       The role is likely to require significant travel and time away from home and this is reflected in your salary.

·       The opportunities for promotion from this position are Divisional Projects Director 

The Senior Project Manager Role - Detailed requirements:

·       Management of Sub-Contracts.

·       Management of Sub-Contractors and functional procedures for purchasing, and budget control/authorisation.  

·       This includes:

Ø  Provision of tender documentation through to placement of the order of sub-contractor activities including negotiations, contract placement, meetings, correspondence and document submissions.                      

Ø  Agreement of subcontractor’s activity programmes.

Ø  Ensure that both the subcontractors and FEL functions achieve the programmed activity dates. e.g. design data, quality plans, weld procedures, testing, equipment lists, erection instructions, transport requirements.

Ø  Ensure that all formal notices are correctly processed and answered.                                                                                                                                                          

Ø  Check and endorse all progress and final payments.

Ø  Checking and approval of invoices

Ø  Ensure all site queries are answered promptly.

Ø  Ensure Sub-Contractors are kept fully informed of the overall project objectives.

Ø  Ensure Sub-Contractors are kept fully informed of their exposure to back charges and penalties.

Ø  Process all time extension diaries.

Ø  Produce reports as requested by the appointed Director including expediting reports.

Ø  Ensure the staff under your control are kept fully aware of project objectives, policy decisions and procedures.

Ø  Control of income including:

-             Management of claims with Client.

-             Management of variation orders.

-             Monitoring or progress claims.

-             Developing standard reporting procedures associated with cost control. 

-             Preparation of insurance claims.

-             Assessment of valuations to the Client

-             Invoice initiation.

Ø  Control of expenditure including:

-             Monitor and control expenditure budgets

-             Monitor penalty exposures

-             Developing standard reporting procedures associated with cost control.

-             Recover penalties from sub-contractors

-             Control back charges from site and appropriate recovery from suppliers. 

Ø  Ensure that the Company Policy and Procedures Manual is adhered to for all defined activities including CDM and Health and Safety requirements.