About Adepto Technical Recruitment

Why Adepto

Obtain Opportunity, Acquire Talent

Adepto is a Latin term meaning 'to obtain or acquire'. Our pledge is to obtain the best employment opportunities for our candidates, and to acquire the finest talent for our clients.


It's easy for recruiters to talk about 'professionalism', 'honesty', 'passion' and 'commitment' but at Adepto we believe that these virtues are the very least that you should expect from any recruitment service. So what makes us so different? In truth, it's always been difficult for recruitment companies in the UK to differentiate themselves: barriers of entry to the industry are low; you don't need specific qualifications, experience or even much investment to start a recruitment business. New ideas are easily replicated and soon become old ideas that have lost their uniqueness. At Adepto we believe that our greatest differentiator is something that very few competitors can match: our depth of knowledge and credibility within our chosen market sectors. Steve Jobs said 'do not try to do everything. Do one thing well', and this has always been our mantra in recruitment: we have vast experience in our market, which translates in to an ability to understand and respond to client's needs quickly, accurately and efficiently, and to offer the very best, objective advice and guidance to job seekers.

The Market

The chemical sciences industry dominates UK manufacturing output, generating around £600 bln in annual sales each year. It is a flagship of the economy, with government backed schemes in place to promote and incentivize further growth . The market itself consists of international blue-chip organisations that employ over 50% of the 500,000 national workforce, with a thriving SME presence, renowned for its innovation, scientific and engineering excellence accounting for over 95% of its corporate footprint.

The chemical sciences market today is growing, and demand for talent outstrips supply. For employees and freelance contractors, the challenge lies in understanding where the opportunities exist, and gaining objective advice on the options available. For employers, it's all about identifying the right talent, within such a diverse and multifarious marketplace. Adepto has been created to meet this demand and help link the two together, that is our objective.

Meet our Founders

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