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The UK chemical sciences market is as large as it is diverse. With 95% of the companies that make up the market being SME's, as an employer it can be difficult to pinpoint where the right talent can be drawn from to meet your needs. So much can depend upon hiring the right person at the right time. This is where Adepto can help: with nearly 20 years' experience in the sector, we will advise upon where and how the best talent can be found, and we will then deliver it for you in a compliant, professional, reliable and timely manner. And that's not all.

Our service also covers

  • Best Hiring Route: There are several different ways to engage talent, including permanent staff, interim or contract. We can advise you which option is most appropriate to meet your needs.
  • Recruitment Solutions: We will propose the most effective recruitment solution for your business; contingency, search and selection, retained, project hire or something designed specifically for you.
  • Employment Trends: We can advise you on salary benchmarks, benefits packages, hourly contract rates and more.
  • Job Specifications: We can assist with the development of job and person specifications to optimise response rates.

Most of all, recruitment is about people. We have the experience to understand that it's not just about finding someone to 'perform a brief', it's about understanding your values and working environment in order to find people that will thrive in your workplace culturally as well as technically. That is why with Adepto you should expect nothing less than:

  • A shortlist that is genuinely short. We will never flood you with CVs because doing our job right means that won't be possible! Our value is created by saving your time.
  • Candidates that have been thoroughly briefed about your role so you have the peace of mind of knowing that they are not only a technical match for your requirements, but they are also the right sort of person for your organisation, with the right level of  motivation.

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